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Me Work Play Contact

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Performance Tennis

Logo design : Responsive web design and developing

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Burgers and Bowls

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My Online Yard Sign

Responsive web design and developing

R O B E R T E G G L E T O N . N E T

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Web design and developing since y2k

I started web design as a hobby back in 1998. Instantly knew this was my path. I've done most of my web design and developing for the world of real estate. However I do occasionally get to partake in other venues. When it comes to web technologies allot has changed over the years, I've learned and continue to learn kewl stuff... now it's 2024! Wha?!


I've mostly been involved with the Microsoft ecosystem. Here is a bunch of stuff I use allot now:
HTML5 CSS3 jQuery VueJs Ajax Json Foundation GreenSock MVC C# Web API .NET SQL Razor Responsive Design Visual Studio Photoshop Illustrator MSSQL MySQL IIS EPiServer Development

Here is some stuff I use to use allot:
jQuery Mobile MMXML Actionscript Flex Flash Flash Builder Dreamweaver VBScript VB.NET Webforms

Here is some tech I dabble in:
PHP After Effects Premiere Pro Prelude Audition

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Below are a bunch of categories to showcase some web design, developing and other fun stuff that I've done. Check it!